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Parker`s Maple Barn has been a family establishment since the late 1960`s. It began with nothing more than a small Sugar House built by the original Parker family and has grown to become a very popular country restaurant serving a hearty breakfast, as well as lunch, now operated by the Roberts family for over thirty years.

The Corn Crib Gift Shop features all of our maple products, along with beautiful gift baskets & boxes for all occasions, as well as many unique gifts. The Sugar House still produces maple syrup following the old tradition of a wood-fired evaporator.

We are located just over the border from Massachusetts in Mason, New Hampshire. Mason is a quaint country town historically known as the boyhood home of "Uncle Sam", a fact that this LITTLE town is still proud of today!

Parker`s Maple Barn has always operated on a "first come - first served basis". We do not take reservations or call-a-heads, only seating when your entire party has arrived, the last seating being at 1:45. We are open Thursday-Monday 8:00-2:00, closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

We look forward to your visit and we hope that you will enjoy a unique New Hampshire dining experience that will become a family tradition for years to come!

Our online shopping cart is always open for this season`s harvest 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our featured Pancake is `Strawberry`.
Our featured Stuffed French Toast is `Strawberry`.
Please note that our specials may change or become depleted due to demand.

[Alaska and Hawaii Excluded]



Check out a recent reviews by the NECN TV Diner and the Phantom Gourmet .
Our Breakfasts were voted the " Best of New Hampshire " by New Hampshire Magazine.

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Introducing the new International Maple Syrup Grading System

1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass Leaf - 3.4 oz
2 x Wedding Favor
1 x Camp Mix - Lemon Pepper - 4.1 ounces
1 x Wedding Favor Leaf
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass Leaf - 1.7 oz
2 x Melville`s Hand Poured Maple Bacon Savory Lollipop - 0.7 ounces
2 x Melville`s Hand Poured Honey Bacon Savory Lollipop - 0.7 ounces
2 x Melville`s Hand Poured BBQ Bacon Savory Lollipop - 0.7 ounces
2 x Moose Hill Blueberry Fruit Spread
3 x Maple Peanut Brittle
1 x Jane's Crazy Pepper - 2.5 ounces
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass - 8.45 oz (leaf)
1 x Maple Horseradish Mustard - 7 ounces
1 x Jane's Crazy Salt - 2.5 ounces
1 x Sweet Maple Mustard - 8 ounces
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup - 1.7 ounce Glass "Nip"
2 x Maple Fudge
1 x Maple Jelly Beans
1 x Maple Candy - Box of 5 Pieces
1 x Pure Maple Cream - 8 Ounce Jar
1 x Maple Candy - Box of 12 Pieces
1 x Maple Kettle Korn
1 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 8 ounces
1 x Maple Barbeque Sauce
2 x Maple Flavored Drops - 5 ounce bag
2 x Maple Sugar Candle - 23 oz.
2 x Maple Walnut Fudge
2 x Maple Sugar Candle - 13 oz
2 x Old Fashioned Maple Taffy - 4 oz.
2 x Pure Maple Cream - 16 Ounce Jar
2 x Maple Flavored Pop - 0.7 ounce
2 x Parker's Maple Lip Balm
2 x Camp Mix - Honey Cinnamon - 3.5 ounces
2 x Maple Seasoning - 6 ounces
2 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 4 ounces
2 x Maple Candy - Box of 24 Pieces
2 x Maple Candy - Box of 3 Pieces
2 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 3 ounces
2 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 6 ounces
2 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 10 ounce Jar
2 x Maple Seasoning - 3.0 ounces
1 x Maple Peanut Clusters - 8 oz.
2 x Maple Sugar Candle - 8 oz.
2 x Maple Sugar - Votive
2 x Maple Sugar Candle - 15 oz
2 x Making Maple Syrup by Noel Perrin
2 x Backyard Sugaring by Rink Mann
2 x Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix - 24 oz.
2 x Blueberry Pancake Mix - 24 oz.
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" auto sticker
1 x Good Night Lake
1 x "Parker`s Maple Barn" wooden sign
1 x Good Night New Hampshire
1 x Laser Cut Miniature Sugar House
1 x $50 Gift Card
1 x The Original Maple Tea `The d`Erable` - 48 tea bags
1 x Welcome to Our Sugar House Coloring Book
1 x $10 Gift Card
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" Syrup Pitcher
1 x Buttermilk Pancake Mix -24 oz
1 x Moose Hill Raspberry Fruit Spread
1 x $30 Gift Card
1 x Moose Hill Hot Pepper Jelly
1 x Maple Tea - 12 Bags in Green Tin
1 x The Original Maple Tea`The d Erable' - 25 tea bags
1 x Parkers Hat Red
1 x Maple Cinnamon Ground Coffee (12 oz.)
1 x Maple Jelly - 4 ounces
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" Bumper Sticker
1 x Maple Leaf - Maple Bacon Coffee Medium Roast (6 oz.)
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" Iconic Souvenir Coffee Mug
1 x $25 Gift Card
1 x Parker Hat Black
1 x Maple Tea - 24 Bags in Green Tin
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" Shot Glass
2 x Pumpkin Spice Pancake & Muffin Mix - 24 ounce bag
1 x Gingerbread Pancake Mix
1 x $100 Gift Card
1 x Good Night Boston
1 x Buckwheat Pancake Mix -24 oz
1 x Maple Leaf - Maple Bacon Coffee Medium Roast (12 oz.)
1 x $75 Gift Card
1 x The Original Maple Tea - 12 tea bags
1 x "Parker's Maple Barn" Souvenir Coffee Mug
1 x Good Night Mountain
1 x Good Night Massachusetts
1 x Perley - The True Story of a New Hampshire Hermit
1 x Parker Hat Khaki
1 x Maple Tea - 10 Tea Bags
1 x $20 Gift Card
1 x Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee
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