International Grading System for Pure Maple Syrup

New Grading Explanation


The NEW International Grading System for Pure Maple Syrup brings four or five different systems into one easy to follow standard. The new system makes it easier for the maple syrup customer to understand what they are buying - no matter where in the world they shop. For retailers, it gives simple guidelines so you can easily choose the grades you`d like to carry.

All of your customer`s favorite grades are still available, but their names have changed to more accurately portray the flavor of the maple syrup which helps assure the integrity and consistency of pure maple syrup worldwide. But don`t worry, these grades still have the same flavors your customers know and love. Check out the chart below to see which names you should be looking for in your order guide:


The maple syrup industry is located only in North America. Maple trees grow and thrive only in specific regions of North America, specifically the areas from New England to Minnesota and the Canadian provinces that border on those states. Some small maple forests may also be found as far south as Kentucky and Virginia. In short the maple industry covers the northeast quarter of the North American continent. As a result, few other regions know about the difference between pure maple syrup and imitation syrup that are found side by side in the grocery stores today.

Color is an important factor in grading and classifying maple syrup. The top grade is Light Amber and is very pale in color, with a mild maple flavor. Most people who are not real maple syrup connoisseurs do not like this grade as much as the next two grades. Medium Amber is a little darker in color than the light amber, but still has a mild flavor. Dark Amber is, of course, a little darker yet, with an average strength flavor. Dark and Medium Amber are the two most popular table grade syrups. They are flavorful, but not too overpowering like the commercial grade or grade B syrup.

Commercial or grade B syrup is anything darker than dark amber. It has a very strong flavor and can be almost too dark to see though. It is great for cooking and for flavoring, but many feel it is too strong a flavor for pancakes.

Each of these grades of syrup are made the same way. The time of season the syrup was made or the condition of the sap collected will cause these variations in grade.

This is a USDA Grading Kit for color.

Maple Syrup Grading
Maple Syrup Grading Kit
Proposed Changes to Maple Syrup Grading for 2014

1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass - 25.5 oz
1 x Good Night Boston
1 x Good Night Country Store
1 x Maple Flavored Drops - 5 ounce bag
1 x Woodman's Weather Stick
1 x "Sure Shot Sid's" Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1 x 6 oz Maple Seasoning
1 x Camp Mix - Lemon Pepper - 4.1 ounces
2 x Real Time Pain Relief 12 Fl oz Pump
1 x Buckwheat Pancake Mix -24 oz
1 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 3 Pieces
1 x Welcome to Our Sugar House Coloring Book
1 x "Sure Shot Sids" Lime Pepper Seasoning
1 x Parkers Hat Red
1 x Brown Sugar Disc - Rooster
2 x 12 Pack K Cup Maple Cream Coffee Regular
1 x Melville`s Hand Poured Maple Bacon Savory Lollipop (7 oz)
1 x Maple Horseradish Mustard - 7 oz.
2 x Single Serving K Kup Maple Walnut
1 x "Sure Shot Sids" Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1 x $10 Gift Certificate
1 x Melville`s Hand Poured Honey Bacon Savory Lollipop (7 oz)
1 x Native American Tea - Warrior`s Brew - 12 Tea Bags
1 x $78 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x 603 Hat Green
1 x Good Night Dump Truck
1 x Maple Sugar Candle - 15 oz
1 x "Live Free or Die" Mug
1 x Maple Leaf - Maple Bacon Coffee Medium Roast (12 oz.)
1 x `Live Free or Die` Patch
1 x Single serving K Kup Maple Pecan
1 x Old Fashioned Puff Candy, 5 ounces
1 x Parkers Maple Syrup Glass Bottle (250ml)
1 x Maple Tea - 12 Bags in Green Tin
1 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 1 Large Piece [leaf]
1 x Gourmet Maple Coffee, Whole Bean (8 oz.)
1 x Good Night Massachusetts
1 x Parker's Maple Barn wooden sign
1 x Maple Sugar Candle - 13 oz
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass Leaf - 3.4 oz
1 x Tangy Honey Mustard - 8 oz.
1 x Maple Tea - 10 Tea Bags
1 x Maple Peanut Clusters - 8 oz.
2 x 12 Pack K Cup Maple Bacon Coffee Regular
1 x Gourmet Maple Coffee, Decaf, Whole Bean (8 oz.)
1 x Good Night Race Cars
1 x Maple Kettle Popcorn
1 x Maple Peanut Brittle
1 x $58 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 24 Pieces
1 x $48 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Parkers Maple Barn - Auto Decal
1 x Perley - The True Story of a New Hampshire Hermit
1 x Gourmet Maple Coffee, Decaf, Ground (8 oz.)
1 x Ggingerbread Man 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass Gingerbread Man
1 x Good Night Trains
1 x $30 Gift Certificate
1 x Brown Sugar Disc - Gingerbread Man
2 x Single Serving K Kup Maple Pumpkin
1 x Gourmet Maple Coffee, Ground, One Pound
1 x Pure Maple Cream - 4 Ounce Jar
1 x Maple Sugar - 1 Pound Bag
1 x Souvenier Old Man of the Mountain Spoon
1 x Good Night New Hampshire
1 x Native American Herbal Tea - Victory Tea - 12 Tea Bags
2 x 12 Pack K Cup Maple Coffee Regular
1 x Hot Chocolate Pumpkin Spice
1 x Brown Sugar Disc - Moose
1 x Native American Herbal Tea - Tepee Dreams - 12 Tea Bags
1 x Good Night Pirate Ship
1 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 4 ounces
1 x $35 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Buttermilk Pancake Mix -24 oz
1 x Gourmet Maple Coffee, Ground (8 oz.)
1 x $75 Gift Certificate
1 x $20 Gift Certificate
1 x Pure Maple Cream - 8 Ounce Jar
1 x $50 Gift Certificate
1 x Hot Chocolate Sea Salt & Caramel
1 x Good Night Puppies
1 x Real Time Pain Relief 2Fl oz Tube
1 x Blueberry Pancake Mix - 24 oz.
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup in Glass - 16 oz
1 x Good Night Planes
1 x $100 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Parmesan Moose Dog Treat
1 x The Original Maple Tea`The d Erable' - 25 tea bags
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup - 1.7 ounce Glass "Nip"
1 x Good Night Mountain
1 x 100% Pure Maple Syrup - 8.45 ounce glass bottle (covered bridge)
1 x Camp Mix - Original - 4.0 ounces
1 x $45 Gift Box (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Surrender the Booty Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (6 oz)
1 x Parkers Maple Barn - Bumper Sticker
1 x Rayes Mustard Spring Maple (9 oz)
1 x Hot Chocolate Maple
1 x Pumpkin Spice Pancake & Muffin Mix - 24 ounce bag
1 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 12 Pieces
1 x Brown Sugar Disc - Moose
1 x 12 Pack K Cup Maple Sugar Coffee Regular
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