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Parker`s Maple Barn sells a complete range of Rustic Furniture Cedar products, both on-site and via our secure-server on-line Internet store. Cedar furniture is wonderful to use outdoors for its comform and lasting beauty.

Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. Because of this superior resistance, cedar is the wood of choice for fence construction, siding on homes and outdoor furniture.

One of Our Cedar Beds.
The beauty of the wood itself is one big reason to choose this type of outdoor furniture. The Northern White Cedar (Thujaoccidentalis) used in our range of furniture is a creamy white color that weathers gracefully to a silvery gray when left out in the sun. This same cedar covers many homes on Cape Cod, and its` color is referred to as Cape Cod Gray. We use Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) in our Arbors and Garden items. It is a dark rusty red that, like the Northern Cedar, ages to silver gray when untreated.

Cedar is a very light wood (19 pounds per cubic foot), and is easy to work with. It will not shrink or warp, as do many other woods commonly used for furniture and garden products.

1 x Maple Peanut Clusters - 8 oz.
2 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 24 Pieces
2 x Old Fashioned Maple Taffy - 4 oz.
2 x Maple Walnut Fudge
2 x Maple Leaf Lollipop
1 x Maple Flavored Drops - 5 ounce bag
2 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 12 Pieces
2 x Old Fashion Puff Candy - 5 oz.
2 x Melville`s Hand Poured Maple Bacon Savory Lollipop (7 oz)
2 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 3 Pieces
1 x Dark Chocolate, Maple Cream - 8 oz.
2 x Maple Jelly Beans
1 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 8 ounces
1 x $50 Gift Box (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x $35 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x $48 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Milk Chocolate, Maple Cream - 8 oz.
1 x Jane's Crazy Pepper
1 x Maple Sugar - 1 Pound Bag
1 x Old Fashioned Puff Candy, 5 ounces
1 x Melville`s Hand Poured Honey Bacon Savory Lollipop (7 oz)
1 x Blueberry Pancake Mix - 24 oz.
1 x "Sure Shot Sid's" Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1 x All Natural Pure Maple Sugar Crystals, 16 ounces
1 x Jane's Crazy Salt
1 x Pure Maple Cream - 16 Ounce Jar
1 x Pure Maple Cream - 8 Ounce Jar
1 x $58 Gift Basket (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Rayes Mustard Spring Maple (9 oz)
1 x Sweet Maple Mustard - 8 oz.
1 x $65 Gift Box (plus $3.00 for extra packaging)
1 x Pure Maple Candy - Box of 1 Large Piece [leaf]
1 x Buttermilk Pancake Mix -24 oz
1 x "Sure Shot Sids" Lime Pepper Seasoning
1 x Whoop Ass Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (6 oz)
1 x Camp Mix - Honey Cinnamon - 3.5 ounces
1 x Pumpkin Spice Pancake & Muffin Mix - 24 ounce bag
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